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Journey Developers thatgamecompany are Back and Teasing a Brand New Game!

Christmas has come early as the Journey developers thatgamecompany are back and teasing their biggest game yet!

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Leave Mirror’s Edge Alone

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Beta


So, the Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Beta ended and with it my perfect time-trial OCD. I won’t let you wait for my verdict as I think it’s important to let the world know, yes it was good, but more importantly it was still Mirror’s Edge. Honestly part of me just wished they’d left Mirror’s Edge as that rare one off. As when EA announced a sequel to one of my favourite games I was somewhat apprehensive. EA doesn’t exactly have an astounding track record for great game follow-ups (Dead Space 3…). But, I was pleasantly surprised – the game (so far) sticking to it’s core routes, game mechanics and atmosphere.

Don’t get me wrong, change is good, but far too often a franchise can sail dangerously close to becoming a completely new game. Luckily Mirror’s Edge Catalyst only implemented subtle changes. The highlight, being the reduction of the strong linear feel of the original. The Beta feeling large and fluid with the added messenger missions and newly integrated time-trials within the full game. These aspects added to the sense of freedom and scale. But there were still some aspects I failed to welcome, or even want at all.


Keep it Unique

What I loved most about Mirror’s Edge was it’s uniqueness, there really wasn’t anything quite like it. That amazing yet earaliy minimal utopia. The Beta didn’t dissapoint in this aspect as the game was stunning (if you excuse the 2016 lense flare obsession). But something about the added runners and group mentality of the characters kinda reduced the charm of original – that lone-wolf Faith vibe. The group aspect may have been heightened due to the condensed Beta full of new characters. But I’m just not buying the group thing. Perhaps EA planned for us to feel like this – the outsider. Faith no longer being trusted to run freely without being escorted, (or hand held). But what I could gauge from the Beta so far, is I’d rather be left alone.
Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 12.06.49

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 12.06.31


The other aspect that hugely bugged me was the combat… It just reminded me of the combat in Sonic… Serving now real purpose other than to grind the game to a halt. Yes, you can avoid the enemies, but still where there points I was forced to fight. This was likely down to the newly implemented combat system. But yet again this just seemed like an empty filler that failed to excite. Mirror’s Edge wasn’t successful for punching freeky manikin-blokes in the face. It was successful for, you know, the running.



Overall, the Beta looked and felt like the Mirror’s Edge we know and love. There were added features that really excelled the game forward, but there were also some that brought it to a grinding stop. Even so, I can’t wait for it’s release, as at the end of the day it’s still a game about a bad-ass character and crazy sweet running, so I’ll still be rushing off at launch to grab it!