Star Wars Celebrate the Saga Galactic Republic Action Figures Set


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  • Galactic Republic: Supreme Chancellor Palpatine created the Grand Army of the Republic, which consisted of Clone Trooper legions, massive Star Cruisers and advanced weaponry
  • Celebrate the Saga: This special 9.5 cm 5-pack action figure set is inspired by the characters from the Star Wars saga and is perfect as a gift for Star Wars collectors and children from 4 years
  • Iconic Star Wars characters: The Star Wars Celebrate the Saga Galactic Republic pack comes with a 501st Legion Trooper, Phase I Clone Trooper, Shock Trooper, Commander Cody and OOM-10 as articulated action figures
  • Accessories based on the film and inspired by the characters: The Galactic Republic action figures set comes with 5 great Blaster accessories to make adventures even more exciting
  • Toys to collect: Together with other Star Wars Celebrate the Saga action figure sets, a collection can be built up, the figures can be swapped with friends or given as gifts (each sold separately)

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