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Nighthawk didn’t have an easy time of things. Originally introduced in The Avengers in 1969 as part of Squadron Sinister, Nighthawk was based on Batman with the other Squadron Sinister members all representing Justice League of America characters – Whizzer (The Flash), Hyperion (Superman) and Doctor Spectrum (Green Lantern).

Nighthawk would later go on to betray his team mates in 1974 when they planned to melt the polar ice caps and flood the planet. Enlisting the help of the Defenders, Nighthawk would end up joining the team. Behind the scenes, his addition to the team was because writer Len Wein felt limited in what he could do with The Hulk, Doctor Strange, Sub-Mariner and Valkyrie, so wanted a character with no backstory that he could write freely.

The character’s origin was fleshed out revealing that Kyle Richmond had killed his girlfriend in a drink driving accident. The son of a wealthy businessman, he inherited his father’s fortune and used it to develop an alchemy serum which gave him enhanced strength at night. As part of the Defenders, Richmond would use his fortune to equip himself with gadgets, much like Batman.

Nighthawk would be investigated for tax evasion by the FBI and then would later be arrested for being a superhero while under investigation for criminal charges. An interesting law that was never applied in any other Marvel comic to my knowledge or that could have seen a lot of other heroes in jail. The series writer at this point, Ed Hannigan, had intended the story to see Richmond go to jail for a long time but he left the series before the arc was finished.

Richmond became paralysed from injuries sustained in battle but eventually recovers enough that he can move, but only at night. Richmond was had charges dropped by the FBI for revealing his identity and agreeing to pay the tax owed.

Three months later though, Nighthawk would sacrifice himself in battle. Some people will do anything to get out of paying their taxes I guess?

16 years later, Nighthawk got his own 3 issue miniseries which revealed that Richmond wasn’t dead, he was just brain dead and in a coma. Shipped off to Love Island, he was the most intelligent and articulate contestant on series 1 . Okay that didn’t happen, he was just restored to life by magic.

Seriously though, Batman rip-off, to alcoholic girlfriend killer, tax evader, paralysed and then dead/brain dead/coma all in 11 years. What did he do to deserve all that? At ;east he looked cool and this Marvel Legends Nighthawk figure is pretty awesome too!


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