Transformers Generations Selects Black Roritchi Action Figure Toy


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Fans can take their Transformers figure collections to the next level with Generations Selects, a fan-dedicated line of figures featuring fan-favourite, special edition characters you can’t find in the main line.

This special edition WFC-GS22 Black Roritchi figure features a gold deco inspired by the Fasttrack Headmaster redeco included with the 1988 Super-God Masterforce BlackZarak.

This Black Roritchi figure converts from robot to tank mode in 10 steps, then breaks apart into weapons and armour in 7 steps. You can also convert Black Roritchi into a staff that can be held by Titan Class figures (sold separately).

Black Roritchi comes with 2 blaster accessories that can attach to the figure in robot and tank modes.

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