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Showing all 5 results

Buzzworthy Bumblebee begun in 2020 as a sub line in Transformers to showcase both reissues of older Bumblebee figures alongside new ones and some of his enemies. The eye-catching bright yellow packaging set it apart on shelves from the regular Transformers packaging, presumably to make it appealing to younger buyers.

However, the line very quickly deviated from it’s original intent as it became filled with repaints of Generations and Studio Series figures that had nothing to do with Bumblebee. The second series of deluxe figures included a repaint of the Studio Series ’86 Kup figure in a more accurate deco than the original, for example.

In 2022 only three Bumblebee figures were released in the Buzzworthy Bumblebee line out of 16 figures with a fourth (Goldbug) being another version of Bumblebee.

In the US, Buzzworthy Bumblebee is exclusive to Target and in Canada is exclusive to Toys R Us. In Europe, no one has any clue as to where it’s available as it seems to show up randomly.

The line wasn’t ever officially announced and was unacknowledged by Hasbro until 2022, which was ironic considering the World’s Collide 4-Pack in 2021 initially only shipped to exactly one retailer who ordered it blindly just to see what it was.

Honestly, the line is a mess and trying to even compile a guide is difficult to know how to group the figures because of how eclectic the selection has become.

Transformers Buzzworthy Bumblebee Checklist

Core Class

Bumblebee/Spike Witwicky

Deluxe Class

Wave 1
Origin Bumblebee

Wave 2
Wave 2 begun using Studio Series figures that had been repainted or retooled with the prefix ‘BB’ added to their numbering.

15BB Bumblebee (1976 Camaro w/ Charlie, Bumblebee Movie)

26BB WWII Bumblebee (The Last Knight)

40BB Shatter (Car, Bumblebee Movie)

74BB Bumblebee (2008 Camaro Concept w/ Sam, Revenge of the Fallen)

Wave 3

70BB B-127 (Bumblebee Movie)

86-02BB Kup (The Transformers: The Movie, repaint of Studio Series ’86 Kup)

86-13BB Cliffjumper (The Transformers: The Movie, repaint of Earthrise Cliffjumper)

Individual deluxe releases

44BB Optimus Prime (Dark of the Moon)

95BB N.E.S.T. Bonecrusher (Transformers)

96BB N.E.S.T. Autobot Ratchet (Dark of the Moon)

Hatchet (Dark of the Moon)

Hound (The Transformers: The Movie)

Legacy Deluxes

Autobot Silverstreak (repaint of Earthrise Bluestreak into Diaclone blue colour scheme)

Evil Predacon Terrorsaur (repaint of the Kingdom Golden Disc collection Terrorsaur, who was a retool of Airazor)

Legacy Voyager

Heroic Maximal Dinobot (Repaint of Kingdom Dinobot with new head)

Battle Packs (Deluxe figure two packs)

18BB Bumblebee VS 46BB Dropkick (Bumblebee)

27BB Clunker Bumblebee VS 28BB Barricade (Transformers)

79BB High Octane Bumblebee VS 02BB Decepticon Stinger (Age of Extinction)

Multi-packs (Deluxe 4 packs)

World’s Collide – 4 pack consisting of Nemesis Primal (Redeco with new head of Kingdom’s Optimus Primal), Fangry (w/ Brisko) (A retool of Titans Return Grotusque and the Titan Master Fangry respectively), Bumblebee (redeco of Earthrise Cliffjumper with Netflix Bumblebee head; technically a repaint of Generations Select Bugbite) and Blackarachnia (Repaint of Kingdom Blackarachnia with new head to match her Beast Wars artwork).

Creatures Collide – 4 pack consisting of Goldbug (A hybrid of 4 different toys), Ransack (Repainted Legacy Kickback with a new head and packaged with an alternative head for Legacy Kickback), Skywasp (Repaint of Kingdom Waspinator) and Scorponok (Repaint of Kingdom Scorponok to be more accurate to the Beast Wars toy)

Energon Escape 2-Pack

Bumblebee & Optimus Prime (Reissues of Energon Igniters Power Plus Camaro Bumblebee and Power Optimus Prime who now comes with an Energon Igniter)

Mega 1-Step

Mega 1-Step Bumblebee (Age of Extinction Mega 1-Step Bumblebee in new packaging)

Power Charge

Power Charge Bumblebee (Repackaged 2018 movie tie in figure)

Crash & Combine

Bumblebee/Grimlock (Bumblegrim) (Repaints of the Robots in Disguise 2015 Crash Combiners)
Optimus Prime/Grimlock (Primelock) (Repaints of the Robots in Disguise 2015 Crash Combiners)

Spark Armor
(Reissued Cyberverse figures)
Bumblebee & Trash Crash (Instead of Ocean Storm, Bumblebee now comes with Grimlock’s partner from Cyberverse, Trash Crash. Trash Crash is repainted)
Megatron & Chopper Cut

1-Step Changers
Wave 1

(Reissued Cyberverse figures)

Wave 2
(Reissued Cyberverse figures)
Optimus Prime

Roll & Combine
(Reissue of the Cyberverse Roll & Combine figures)
Bumblebee / Dinobot Swoop (Bumbleswoop)

Warrior Multipack
(4 pack of Cyberverse reissues)
Optimus Prime

Heroes of Cybertron
(3 pack of deluxe Cyberverse reissues without the build a figure parts)
Optimus Prime