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Showing all 5 results

Star Wars  helmets have always been in demand and now more are available than ever before thanks to the Star Wars Black Series Helmets being more affordable than higher end prop replicas.

The original Don Post masks and helmets were produced in 3/4 size making them a little too small, while Rubies produced more affordable helmets but these ranged in price and quality dramatically, but importantly didn’t provide the level of screen accuracy Star Wars fans wanted from these collectables.

While other companies like Master Replicas, EFX and Anovos have produced high end prop replicas, these are often expensive and not affordable for most Star Wars collectors.

Hasbro launched the wearable Star Wars Black Series Electronic Helmets in 2015 with the Kylo Ren helmet, coinciding with the release of Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens.  2016 saw the release of the classic Stormtrooper helmet with voice changer which was also released in black as the Shadowtrooper helmet. Poe Dameron’s helmet was released in 2017 alongside the movie Star Wars Episode VIII The Last Jedi.

The most iconic of all Star Wars helmets was released in 2018 with the Darth Vader electronic helmet, also the Stormtrooper helmet was repainted and released as the Gamestop exclusive Shocktrooper.

2019 brought another two iconic helmets into the hands of Star Wars fans with the release of the Black Series Boba Fett Helmet and the Star Wars Black Series Luke Skywalker Battle Simulation Helmet.

The line has shown no signs of slowing down with releases from The Mandalorian TV series including the main character himself and various repaints, alongside releases from the main nine films like the First Order Stormtrooper.

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