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Kenner MASK Checklist

Kenner MASK toys 1985


Condor vehicle with Brad Turner and Hocus Pocus Mask

Firecracker vehicle with Hondo MacLean and Blaster Mask

Gator vehicle with Dusty Hayes and Backlash Mask

Rhino vehicle with Matt Trakker and Ultra-Flash Mask & Bruce Sato Lifter Mask

T-Bob and Scott Trakker

Thunderhawk Vehicle with Matt Trakker and Spectrum Mask


Jackhammer vehicle with Cliff Dagger and Torch Mask

Piranha vehicle with Sly Rax and Stiletto Mask

SwitchBlade vehicle with Miles Mayhem and Viper Mask


Boulder Hill Playset with Alex Sector and Jack Rabbit Mask & Buddy Hawks and Penetrator Mask

Kenner MASK toys 1986


Firefly vehicle with Julio Lopez and Streamer Mask

Hurricane vehicle with Hondo MacLean and Blaster II Mask

Raven vehicle with Calhoun Burns and Gulliver Mask

Slingshot vehicle with Ace Riker and Ricochet Mask

Volcano vehicle with Matt Trakker and Lava Shot Mask & Jacques LaFleur and Maraj Mask


Outlaw vehicle with Miles Mayhem and Python Mask & Nash Gorey and Powerhouse Mask

Stinger vehicle with Bruno Sheppard and Magna-Beam Mask

Vampire vehicle with Floyd Malloy and Buckshot Mask

MASK Action Figure 2 Packs 1986

Alex Sector with Lifter Mask and Buddy Hawks with Penetrator Mask

Bruce Sato with Lifter Mask and Brad Turner with Hocus Pocus Mask

Matt Trakker with Ultra-Flash Mask & Hondo Mclean with Blaster Mask

Matt Trakker with Spectrum Mask and Miles Mayhem with Viper Mask

Sly Rax with Stiletto Mask and Cliff Dagger with Torch Mask

MASK Adventure Packs 1986

Coast Patrol (Matt Trakker with Dolphin Mask and boat)

Jungle Challenge (Matt Trakker with Arrow Mask and assault backpack)

Rescue Mission (Bruce Sato with Grasshopper Mask and helicopter backpack)

T Bob  and Scott Trakker (Same as 1985 but carded instead of boxed. Technically a two pack but released in the Adventure Pack assortment)

Venom’s Revenge (Miles Mayhem with Ripper Mask and jetpack)

Kenner MASK toys 1987


Billboard Blast with Dusty Hayes and Vacuum Mask

Bulldog with Boris Bushkin and Comrade Mask (Vehicle was called Bulldoze in Europe)

Bullet  with Ali Bombay and Vortex Mask (Vehicle was called Bandit in Europe)

Goliath with Matt Trakker Shroud Mask & Nevada Rushmore and Totem Mask

Meteor with Ace Riker and Cruise Control Mask

Razorback with Brad Turner and Eclipse Mask

The Collector with Alex Sector and Disruptor Mask

Wildcat with Buddy ‘Clutch’ Hawks and Ditcher Mask


Buzzard with Miles Mayhem and Flexor  Mask & Maximus Mayhem and Deep Freeze Mask

Iguana with Lester Sledge and Mudslinger Mask

Manta with Vanessa Warfield and Whip Mask

Pit Stop Catapult with Sly Rax and Sawblade Mask

MASK Action Figure 2 Packs 1987

These 2 packs were exclusive to the UK and while they feature 1987 artwork, it’s more likely that they were actually released in 1988 as they are repaints of 1987 figures.

Ace Riker with Ricochet Mask and Hondo MacLean with Blaster Mask

Floyd Malloy with Buckshot Mask & Bruno Sheppard with Magna-Beam Mask

Floyd Malloy with Buckshot Mask and Vanessa Warfield with Whip Mask

Matt Trakker with Lava Shot and Jaques LeFleur with Maraj Mask

Miles Mayhem with Python Mask and Nash Gorey with Powerhouse Mask

MASK Adventure Packs 1987

Arctic Assault (Calhoun Burns with Gulliver Mask and assault backpack, European Exclusive)

Glider Strike (Jacques LeFleur with Maraj Mask and armed glider, European Exclusive)

Racing Arena (Bruno Sheppard with Magna-Beam Mask and assault gear, European Exclusive. A variant exists with the same card art depicting Bruno but the figure is Maximus Mayhem with Deep Freeze Mask)

Sea Attack (Hondo MaClean with Blaster II Mask and Sea Sled, European Exclusive)


Laser Command (Hornet with Matt Trakker and Lasertron Mask & Ratfang with Miles Mayhem and Raynet Mask)

Kenner MASK toys 1988

All of the 1988 MASK vehicles were sold as MASK Split Seconds, featuring vehicles that split into two vehicles. Two figures were included – a regular version and a clear ‘hologram’ version to drive the second vehicle.


Afterburner with Dusty Hayes and New Backlash Mask

Detonator with Jacques LeFleur and New Maraj mask

Dynamo with Bruce Sato and New Lifter Mask

Fireforce  with Julio Lopez and New Streamer Mask

Skybolt with Matt Trakker and New Spectrum Mask

Stiletto with Golria Baker and New Collider Mask


Barracuda with Bruno Sheppard and New Magna-Beam Mask

Vandal with Floyd Malloy and New Buckshot Mask

Wolfbeast with Miles Mayhem and New Viper Mask

Julio Lopez with Streamer Mask and Calhoun Burns with Gulliver Mask