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Showing 1–12 of 65 results

Marvel Legends is the standard for Marvel action figures with each figure in six inch scale. Here you’ll find our preowned Marvel Legends build a figure parts plus individual figures from both Toy Biz and Hasbro, along with other toys and action figures like Marvel Hot Toys and Marvel Selects action figures.

Marvel Legends – Toy Biz

The Marvel Legends toys were launched by Toy Biz in 2002 following the success of their Spider-Man Classics figures, with series 1 consisting of 4 figures – Captain America, Hulk, Iron Man and Toad who was as a tie in to the live action X-Men movies.  Variant versions of the figures were produced, particularly of Iron Man.

Marvel Legends – Build-A-Figure

Starting with 2005’s series 9, Marvel Legends began the Build-A-Figure concept – each figure in a wave would come with a piece of a larger figure – buying all the figures in the wave would give collectors all the parts to put together a unique character. These Build-A-Figure or BAF characters would only be able to be bought in this manner and were larger characters such as Giant Man, Galactus and the Sentinel. The Toy Biz Marvel Legends action figures were noted for including comic books with each figure along with dioramas (before the BAF parts) and the figures having finger articulation.

Marvel Legends – Hasbro

In 2007 Hasbro acquired the licence to Marvel Legends and made some changes by eliminating the comic books and finger articulation. Hasbro released new waves of figures in 2008 and 2009 but then nothing further with rumours circulating that the line had been cancelled.

At the 2010 San Diego Comic Con Hasbro revealed new Marvel Legends action figures with a 2012 release date, although it took until 2014 for the line to regain full traction.

Since then Marvel Legends has included single releases,  deluxe figures, 2 packs, box sets, best of waves, 80th anniversary collections, the Ultimate Riders, helmets, role play accessories and a lot more.

Marvel Legends Series 1  (May 2002)
7 figures in total (Captain America, 2 Hulks, 3 Iron Mans, Toad)

Captain America
Accessories: Destroyed building and American flag display
Comic: Captain America #109 (1968)
Comic notes: Captain America recounts his origin and the death of Bucky

Accessories: Destroyed wall display
Comic: Incredible Hulk #314 (1968)
Comic notes: Doc Samson recalls the origins of the Hulk
Variants: First release had wired bendable fingers, second release had fixed fingers.
Notes: A chase version with no wall display but including a torn white shirt would appear in series 2.

Iron Man
Accessories: Removable mask and Stark Industries sign
Comic: Iron Man #149 (1968)
Comic notes: An odd choice for a pack in comic as it’s not a first appearance or origin issue and ends on a cliff hanger.  It is the first confrontation between Iron Man and Dr Doom though as Tony Stark discovers that an employee has been selling electronics to Latveria. This perhaps indicates that Dr Doom was intended to be the villain figure in Series 1 but wasn’t ready in time so Toad was used instead.
Variants: Yellow and red, gold and red, Stealth Armour.

Accessories: Swamp base
Comic: Uncanny X-Men #4 (1963)
Comic notes: First appearance of Toad (also the first appearance of Mastermind, Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch)
Variants: None
Notes: Toad was included as a tie in to the X-Men live action movies. The figure isn’t a Marvel Legend figure but is an unused figure from the X-Men movie toy line. Toad was intended to be released in the Evolution of X two pack set (with Wolverine) before it was cancelled. The inclusion of Toad is odd as 2002 wasn’t a movie year – X2 wasn’t released until May 2003 – a full year later.

Marvel Legends Series 2  (September 2002)
8 figures in total (2 Dr Dooms, Hulk, 2 Human Torch, Namor, 2 Thing)

Dr Doom 
Accessories: Castle turret base, removeable mask and pistol
Comic: Fantastic Four #247 (1961)
Comic notes: Dr Doom has been previously ousted from ruling Latveria returns with the Fantastic Four, attempting to convince them to return him to power. The Fantastic Four are surprised to find that the Latverian people are rebelling against their newfound freedom and long for Doom’s rule. An interesting comic that gives depth to Dr Doom’s character.
Variants: Doombot – rather than the human Victor Von Doom face, the variant has the robotic face of a Doombot.
Notes: The display base can be mounted on a wall

Accessories: Comes with a torn white whirt
Comic: Incredible Hulk #314 (1968)
Comic notes: Doc Samson recalls the origins of the Hulk
Variants: None
Notes: With wave 2 begun chase variants and Hulk was the first. This is the same figure from wave 1 but no wall accessory and with a torn white shirt instead.

Human Torch
Accessories: Flame flight stand
Comic: Fantastic Four #233 (1961)
Comic notes: The story follows the Human Torch (Johnny Storm) attempting to clear the name of a career criminal of a crime he’s been executed for.
Variants: The regular release has a gold bordered comic with new cover titled “Human Torch”, the variant has a “4” symbol on the chest and a reprint of the comic with the regular cover.
Notes: The flight stand was previously used for X-Men Classic X-Man while the figure is a repaint of Daredevil from the Spider-Man Classics line with a new head. Daredevil was in turn a retool of Spider-Man.

Accessories: Trident and water display base
Comic: The Sub-Mariner #67 (1968)
Comic notes: The debut of Namor’s costume that the figure is wearing
Variants: None

Accessories: Yancy Street display base
Comic: Fantastic Four #263 (1961)
Comic notes: A weird nothing issue that again ends on a cliff-hanger. The story centres around the Thing attempting to rescue the Human Torch from  Alden Maas, a conspiracy theorist who thinks that continental drift was caused by the world expanding. Alden Maas’ name is an anagram of Neal Adams – Adams believed that the heat from the Earth’s core had caused the planet to expand, resulting in continental drift. If the core was heated then the planet would expand further. John Byrne was a fan of Neal Adams and included the story here. Maas’ appearance and his Wonderworld theme park are based on Walt Disney and Disneyland.
Variants: The variant comes with the Yancy Street base, sunglasses and a trench coat for the Thing’s classic disguise.

Marvel Legends Series 3 (December 2002)
6 figures in total (Daredevil, Ghost Rider, Magneto, Thor, 2 Wolverine)

Accessories: Church stained glass window display stand
Comic: Daredevil #164 (1964)
Comic notes: Daily Bugle reporter Ben Ulrich uncovers Daredevil’s secret identity of Matt Murdoch. Murdoch recounts his origin
Notes: This is the movie version of Daredevil to tie in to the then upcoming 2003 movie.

Ghost Rider
Accessories: Hell Cycle
Comic: Ghost Rider #2 (1990)
Comic notes:  Presumably issue 1 wasn’t reprinted as it was a longer than standard issue, so 2 was included. First appearance of Blackout (II).
Notes: Danny Ketch version of Ghost Rider

Accessories: Removable helmet and destroyed Sentinel head base
Comic: X-Men #2 (1990)
Comic notes: Magneto defeats the newly formed Blue X-Men team.

Accessories: Mjolnir and a defeated Frost Giant display base
Comic: Thor #39 (1998)
Comic notes:  Odin separates an injured Thor from his human host Jake Olson

Accessories: Defeated Hellfire Club guards base
Comic: Uncanny X-Men #133 (1963)
Comic notes: This is the first time Wolverine’s healing factor is showcased as he takes a lot of damage. The guards injured in this issue would later become the Reavers.
Variants: Unmasked version
Notes: This Wolverine was originally intended to be in the Evolution of X 2 pack with Toad from series 1.

Marvel Legends Series 4 (June 2003)
6 figures released (Beast, Elektra, Gambit, Goliath, 2 Punisher)

Accessories: Wall mountable hanging bar
Comic: Uncanny X-Men #264 (1963)
Comic notes: The comic is rebranded as X-Men #3 leading to some websites believing the comic to be X-Men #3 (1991)

Accessories: 2 katana swords, 2 sais, quadruple red scabbard and a dojo display
Comic: Daredevil #176 (1964)
Comic notes: Elektra’s final showdown with Kiringi, first appearance of Daredevil’s mentor Stick

Accessories: Playing cards with energy trail, bo staff and destroyed Sentinel right hand display base
Comic: Gambit #1 (1999)
Comic notes: Rebranded as x-Men #4. This must have been really confusing for anyone attempting to read the comics as there was no link or continuity

Accessories: Miniature Ant-Man and Wasp
Comic: The Avengers #28 (1963)
Comic notes: Hank Pym (Giant Man) rejoins the Avengers as Goliath with a new costume which is showcased with this figure
Notes: These three figures were released as part of an Avengers box set in 1999. The box set was 5″ scale with this figure standing at 8″ and being released as Giant Man. This version is repainted into the blue costume but is obvious as not being a Marvel Legend as the figure has less articulation and is badly sculpted.

Accessories: Pistol, assault rifle and boarded up window display
Comic: Punisher War Zone #1 (1992)
Comic notes: The original print had a die cut cardboard cover which this version doesn’t have.
Variants: Regular version has a white belt, the variant has a black belt