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Ghost t-shirts and Ghost merchandise is one of our specialities here at Gear4Geeks! We love Ghost and guarantee that we’re the most knowledgeable UK store when it comes to them. Here you’ll find Ghost t-shirts, Ghost patches and much more Ghost merch!

When Tobias Forge started Ghost it was intended to be a side project and nothing more, but after uploading the demo tracks to MySpace, Ghost became an overnight sensation.

The debut album Opus Eponymous was a runaway success in 2010 and the band soon started receiving media attention for both their music and their theatrical appearance.

Performing under a mask, Forge became the enigmatic Papa Emeritus while the rest of the band were dressed in matching hooded outfits and were known as Nameless Ghouls. The identities of all Ghost band members were kept secret to keep an air of mystery around them. The album artwork and Ghost t-shirts featured tributes to old horror movie posters which helped get them attention.

In 2013 Ghost replaced front man Papa Emeritus with a new, younger singer – the over 70 years old Papa Emeritus II. The front man was Tobias Forge again in a new mask and costume, with the Ghouls now sporting Bauta masks, inspired by the movie Eyes Wide Shut. Most notably the Ghouls now had symbols to represent them – Air, Water, Earth, Fire and Aether.

Infestissumam was released a few months later and gathered Ghost a wider audience thanks to the singles Secular Haze and Year Zero. The album’s creation had proved difficult and controversial as the band struggled to find a choir willing to sing their Satanic lyrics and a number of companies refused to print the album due to nudity in the inner booklet. Unfortunately, due to legal issues, the band were forced to rename themselves as Ghost BC for a while. Despite this, Infestissumam went on to great success including winning a Swedish Grammi.

Later that year Ghost would release the EP If You Have Ghost, a five track EP featuring four cover songs and one live song. The group would attract publicity again thanks to Foo Fighters drummer Dave Grohl being involved. By now Ghost merchandise and Ghost t-shirts were becoming a big deal thanks to their ongoing homages to movies and other metal bands.

In 2015 the firing of Papa Emeritus II was announced and the hiring of Papa Emeritus III – Papa II’s younger brother by 3 months. Once again, the tongue in cheek humour came through loud and clear. Papa III was more vocal than his predecessors and didn’t always appear in Papal robes and mitre. Likewise the Nameless Ghouls also had a makeover, now sporting silver demon masks. Meliora was released in August 2015 and won Ghost a second Grammi in 2016.

In September 2016 Popestar was released; a five track EP featuring a new song, Square Hammer, plus four cover songs. While line up changes had been suspected in the past, they had never been acknowledged but around this time it was obvious to fans that Aether had left and been replaced. A new female Ghoul joined for live shows.

In 2017 rumours circulated that all of the Nameless Ghouls had departed. The rumours would prove true as the former members announced their identities and sued Tobias Forge for money they said was owed to them. At the end of the year, the live album, Ceremony and Devotion was released. Papa Emeritus III was removed from the stage during a live performance with the ancient and decrepit Papa Zero announcing his arrival.

In 2018 a series of short videos formally introduced the renamed Papa Nihil and Ghost’s new singer, Cardinal Copia. In April new song Rats premiered and in June, the new album Prequelle was released. This would be Ghost’s most successful album to date with a marked change in the band’s sound and overall image. Due to the lawsuit, Tobias Forge would start using his real name in interviews. At the end of the year he won the case brought against him by the former members.

In 2019 Ghost would be nominated for a Swedish Grammi and two American Grammy Awards.

In 2020 Papa Nihil was killed and Cardinal Copia ascended to become Papa Emeritus IV.

2022 saw the release of Ghost’s fifth album Impera spawning the singles Hunter’s Moon, Call Me Little Sunshine, Twenties and Spillways.

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