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Showing all 4 results

Face coverings and masks have been an integral part of culture in Asia to protect from air pollution and to lower the risks of spreading colds and viruses.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic begun, face coverings have become a necessary item for people all over the world and have been mandatory for accessing shops and other indoors areas.

Our face coverings are not medical devices and are intended to reduce a person’s droplets from travelling while also providing a barrier between the hands and face. Our masks are fabric and come in varying designs so that the wearer can choose something plain and functional, a covering that is amusing or one that is prettier for matching with outfits.

All face coverings are designed to be breathable and are provided in packaging. Due to hygiene reasons all products in this category are non-returnable.

While face coverings aren’t mandatory in most parts of the UK anymore, they are still a cheap and sensible buy for those who would prefer to continue to wear them, especially during winter. They are also still useful for cycling, cleaning and have other practical functions.

At the beginning of the pandemic when there were shortages we supplied our local hospitals with PPE for free via our sister brand Pretty Protected and still offer discounts to NHS staff.

As always, you will earn rewards points on your purchases and orders over £50 qualify for free UK delivery.