Destiny 2 Woes Continue as Player Base Drops Sharply

Destiny 2 woes continue as players leave in droves due to more game breaking bugs emerging, a lack of content and snowball fights?

Destiny 2 Ship
And their ships look like Sid from Ice Age

As we previously reported, Destiny 2‘s launch was filled with problems which have only gotten worse as the game hits its second month on the market with player numbers dropping from 3.5 million to 1.2 million after 5 weeks. That drop off isn’t quite as bad as it sounds due to players usually leaving games in the second week so Destiny 2 has faired better than most in retaining its audience a little longer. However, the game has been hit with a criticism of its lack of content so it is likely that players won’t remain engaged much longer as the hardcore player base were staying around for the prestige version of the Leviathan raid which launched this week.

Meanwhile Bungie’s live Twitch stream update on Friday the 20th of October announcing new content and features has somewhat puzzled players.

Recently a glitch was discovered that caused additional enemies to stop spawning at the end of the Leviathan raid, which was bad news for developer Bungie after Destiny’s previous raids were littered with glitches and exploits which reduced the Crota raid to only two thirds of it requiring any actual work. The harder Prestige mode version of the raid’s launch was marred by the first two teams completing it having used another exploit in the game which produces infinite power weapon ammo, which is usually hard to find. The actions of these two teams divided the player base as some felt that they had cheated and should be stripped of their recognition for finishing first and second, while others blamed Bungie for releasing a broken game.

Last week’s game breaking Monty Python funny walk emote which allowed players to pass through walls hasn’t been removed although players who used it to cheat in the game’s prestigious Trials of the Nine PvP mode were slapped with a two week ban. The ban would have been more effective if Bungie hadn’t removed Trials of the Nine for two weeks while it presumably tries to fix the walls.

Destiny 2 Glitch
Tess has competition

Destiny 2 Glitch

Destiny 2 Glitch
Tess’ stockroom

While Bungie have fixed the CE error which was preventing a large number of players from entering the Guardian’s base at The Traveller, black screens or non loading vendors are still an issue it seems.

The Twitch stream didn’t seem to bring the good news gamers were hoping for as the season system for clans was confirmed as having a December start for season 2, despite most clans already having hit the cap for season 1. There will be four seasons in year 1 with larger events like DLC being at regular intervals as Bungie want players to feel that they don’t have to play regularly but can return for the big events, which seems like utter insanity. Telling your following that they don’t need to play the game and should come back when there are things to do is like a retail store telling customers to only come in at Christmas.

Destiny 2 Glitch
Sunday trading?

Along the way in season 1 there will be (as always) “big changes” which seems to be Bungie code for, “nothing will really happen” until Season 2’s launch apart from tweaking and one Faction Rally and one Iron Banner event. A new feature will encourage playing Destiny 2 as a fireteam rather than so – something Bungie assures will see solo players not being penalised but fireteams being rewarded with double XP, something which is pretty meaningless once you have unlocked all your sub class abilities unless you want to collect shaders, Sparrows and ships.

Destiny 2: The Dawning

Winter’s DLC has been named as The Dawning and in addition to the expected missions, raid, armours, weapons and shaders will feature ice hockey and snowball fights (!?!).  Not exactly the huge announcement players were waiting for.

Destiny 2 seems to have a major issue with trying to dumb down the game for the vocal minority who felt that the original was too hard especially if you didn’t have friends to play it with, while totally disregarding the hardcore fans who played the game consistently for 3 years. With less activities available in Destiny 2 compared to the original, easier Nightfall missions, hitting the maximum level no longer requiring participation in the Raid and top level items dropping as rewards for clan members who do nothing, it’s very hard to see the game having the longevity of the original.

Playstation Plus members receiving Metal Gear Solid 5 totally free hasn’t helped and Destiny 2’s lack of content has been a big help for the FPS Fortnite which is currently free to play in a trial capacity and has attracted Destiny’s player base.


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  1. Considering how Bungie has been acting, broken content, mute protagonists, other woeful problems? The game is gonna die out before the second DLC can get out. Luke Smith? If you are reading this you are an asshole and should be fired from your job.

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