Destiny 2’s Disastrous First 10 Days

Destiny 2’s first 10 days feature racism, server issues, a terrible ranking up system and a raid that can be cheated. Again. Destiny 2 Cayde

It seems that Destiny 2 hasn’t gone as smoothly as Bungie would have liked since the game was released on September 6th with a whole host of issues. While it has received good reviews from critics, the game has suffered two Playstation Network outages along with planned maintenance by Bungie themselves which ended up taking 3 hours longer than announced, proving that they learned nothing from Destiny. You’d think by now that Bungie would announce a much longer maintenance window than they need rather than announcing a shorter one then annoying their fanbase by taking twice as long.

On the day that the maintenance was conducted, Bungie became aware that one of the game’s items, the Road Complex AA1 gauntlets for the Hunter had a design similar to that of the internet meme ‘KEK’, which resulted in Bungie apologising for a “hate symbol” appearing in their game, despite the gauntlets’ design being a coincidence. Someone should probably inform Bungie that KEK isn’t a racist design.

Destiny 2 Road Complex AA1 In true Bungie fashion, they announced that the design was being changed to remove the “offensive” KEK design but only half-assed it. Currently when equipped, the player who is wearing them will sill see the KEK design above, but when inspected by other players they will see this:Destiny 2 Road Complex AA1 Fixed

So it’s not actually fixed or the old design removed at all as a quick fix patch has been applied.

Speaking of broken things, the levelling system in Destiny 2 also seems to have been a good idea on paper but in reality is actually kinda broken. As you level up, dropped items scale up with you rather than just being useless as they were in the first Destiny, but there’s a catch – they only drop at the level of your lowest item meaning that it’s impossible to level up from dropped items and vendor rewards once you hit a certain point. The grind from 260 to 280 is nightmarish with many players having to create 2nd and 3rd characters of the same class to try and level up their primary character. There are ways to level up but for casual gamers it’ll just be far too frustrating to continue.

Speaking of frustrating, The Crucible now doesn’t seem to replace players who leave a match or disconnect meaning that the game will remain unbalanced til the end of the match. Also, the new Guided game mode where players can help lower level players through the raid and the Nightfall has a major issue – if the guiding player loses connection to the network then they and their clan will receive a black mark for leaving the game, even though they didn’t actually leave. Considering Destiny 2 tells you when you’ve been disconnected, couldn’t Bungie have disabled the black marking for disconnections?

Lastly the new raid is also broken as players have discovered a glitch to bypass a chunk of it, though it doesn’t seem as broken as the Crota raid which very quickly became a joke as two thirds of it could be easily bypassed simply by being clever about character abilities.

While Destiny 2 is an improvement on Destiny it’s pretty safe to say that it hasn’t been a smooth ride so far.


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