10 of Wrestling’s Weirdest Moments in February

Censored referees, CM Punk almost on Raw, Champions leave with belts, belts turning into ear-rings, deleted footage, a superstar’s clumsy Raw and more of wrestling’s weirdest moments!
Pro wrestling is a strange entity at the best of times but this month was particularly weird. Here’s 10 of the craziest things that happened in February.

CM Punk Nearly Appears at Raw

CM Punk

After the February 21st episode of Raw went off the air, The Rock appeared to warm up the crowd and prepare them for filming which would be happening for the movie of Paige’s life. The filming would be for Paige’s Raw debut where she beat AJ Lee for the Diva’s title with the role of AJ being played by former TNA wrestler Rosita. At the mention of CM Punk’s wife, AJ Lee, the crowd erupted into a CM Punk chant which led the Rock to thinking it’d be a good idea to call the former champion and chat to him in front of the live crowd. Thankfully for all concerned Punk didn’t answer and also didn’t respond to The Rock trying to FaceTime him. The Rock’s antics allegedly angered Vince McMahon and Triple H as CM Punk and the WWE are currently involved in a bitter lawsuit which we covered a few weeks back.

The Censored referee

TNA blur referee

When TNA tag team champions The Hardys went to Tijuana to wrestle Psicosis and Super Crazy, TNA filmed the match to air on Impact. The only problem was that the referee was under contract to Lucha Underground and couldn’t be shown so TNA had to blur him out which was a little distracting to say the least. Then again only 42 people watch TNA…

Nicole Bass dies twice

Nicole Bass

On February 16th the sad news was posted on Nicole Bass’ official Facebook page by her girlfriend that she had passed away. As tributes were posted by wrestlers and those in the industry it was found that Bass wasn’t officially dead – Bass had suffered a massive heart attack which had left her brain dead but still on life support. Understandably grief stricken Bass’ girlfriend had posted on social media but Bass’ life support wasn’t switched off until the night of the 17th meaning that news outlets who had reported her passing away had to update their stories to clarify her situation and then the next day repost obituaries for her.

But Romance isn’t Dead

Tom Phillips Instagram

WWE announcer Tom Phillips got busted after sending explicit messages to a girl on Instagram who discovered he was married and then posted screencaps of the messages on her account. All of Phillips’ social media accounts are now set to private but the big question is – since when has “I’m going to face f**k the s**t out of you” been a chat up line? Does it work? Ladies let us know.

TNA Champion Quits

Drew Galloway

Drew Galloway has announced his departure from TNA but he’s recognised as the current TNA Impact Grand Champion (the former King of the Mountain title). While Galloway has already lost the belt at Impact tapings the match won’t air until mid March meaning that the TNA website still recognises him as the current champion. However, he’s not the only one leaving.

Matt and Jeff quit TNA

Broken Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy has been one of the biggest names in wrestling for the past year with his ‘Broken’ gimmick and Jeff Hardy’s reinvention as Brother Nero along with his wife Reby Sky and son King Maxel. With TNA ownership hot potatoing about and Jeff Jarret now returning as the man in charge, the Hardy clan is joining Galloway in leaving. However, TNA are now claiming ownership of the Broken gimmick, all related characters and likenesses in order to prevent the, presumably WWE bound, family from using the gimmick despite all of it being Matt’s work.

What makes things worse is that the Hardys are the TNA Tag Team Champions and still possess the belts which Reby Sky has threatened to melt down and turn into ear-rings today in an out of character rant on Twitter and has claimed the Hardys will be in Orlando on the day of Wrestlemania.

Naomi Wins and Loses Championship

Naomi won the Smackdown Women’s Championship at Elimination Chamber but injured her knee during the finish of the match when performing a split-legged moonsault. With the injury meaning time out, Naomi had to vacate the championship 9 days later without wrestling a match as champion. The storyline reason for stripping of the belt because she couldn’t defend within 30 days is a convenient old “rule” that WWE haven’t mentioned for a long time, especially as Dean Ambrose didn’t defend the US Championship between October 2013 and February 2014 at all. Naomi and Vince McMahon immediately spring to mind as champions who never wrestled as champion, any others spring to mind?

Big E Censored Again


On the Feb 20th Raw The New Day faced off with Lana, Rusev and Jinder Mahal over Lana stealing the electronic plans for The New Day’s ice cream machine. When Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods were aghast and asking “How’d she get the plans?” Big E quipped “You know she’s Russian, right?”. This reference to Russian hacking allegations during the US Presidential election was removed from the YouTube channel and Network versions of Raw which is no surprise considering Linda McMahon is part of US President Donald Trump’s cabinet. The edit is at the 1:55 mark in the video above and is pretty obvious. Thankfully the original version can still be found on YouTube.

This isn’t the first time Big E has gotten into trouble as he was edited back in December for another ad lib regarding WWE’s booking of Charlotte Flair.

Bayley Gets a Raw Deal

Raw Women’s Champion Bayley tweeted that the 20th of February Raw wasn’t her finest as she got hit in the face by one of her inflatable Bayley Buddies then slipped off the ramp when going to give a fan a hug and finally fell out of the ring later on. You can see the first two happen at 0:35 and 0:55 in the video above.


WWE 2K17 seems to have a rather embarrassing botch in it as Jerry Lawler gets his line wrong by calling The Goodfather, The Godfather. He is stopped and he re-reads the line but unfortunately this has made it into the finished game as you can see above.

That’s all for this time, let us know if we missed something that should have been on the list.

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