Battlefield 1 – Is It Time For The COD Lawyers?


Is there some unfair play going on?

When the new Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare trailer was released it wasn’t exactly inspiring and the immediate feedback from players reflected their unhappiness. The trailer was just bland in comparison to previous efforts especially┬áCall of Duty: Advanced Warfare which featured Kevin Spacey’s epic monologue that made you want to know more even if you hated the franchise.

These days burying CoD is the cool thing, it is a part of the whole “CoD is for kids, Battlefield is for adults” mantra which gets repeated constantly despite CoD’s still impressive┬ásales figures which aren’t just kids buying the game. Meanwhile the Battlefield 1 reveal was met with much celebration and declaration that the CoD franchise is dead but is everything as it seems?

Personally I prefer Battlefield to CoD these days but I’m not going to write off the significant amount of time I spent playing CoD until it lost me at Ghosts so I’m fairly impartial and don’t have a dog in the fight so to speak.

What strikes me though is that the rivalry between the games’ players has gotten to a point that is impossible. It was one of those sidebar trending stories on Facebook that alerted me to the fact that Infinite Warfare now has a massive number of dislikes and it was this that got me thinking.

The Advanced Warfare trailer was incredible and has racked up nearly 31 million views in 2 years with 223,000+ likes and 52,000+ dislikes.

Battlefield 4’s biggest trailer got 19 million views over 3 years with 266,000+ likes and 11,600 dislikes. So BF4 got significantly less views over 3 years than CoD did in 2. On release BF4 sold less than Call of Duty: Ghosts (27 million views) and the YouTube views reflect that level of interest. Battlefield 4’s final sales figure doesn’t seem to be available but in the first month of release it sold 7 million units.

In 8 days Infinite Warfare trailer has clocked up 16 million views, 290,000+ likes and an astonishing 1.5 million dislikes.

Battlefield 1’s trailer has gotten 27 million views in 3 days, 1.1 million likes and 21,000 dislikes.

Is it possible that Battlefield 1 has really gotten the same number of views in 3 days that Ghosts got in 3 years? Not in the slightest. There’s a huge campaign to get Infinite Warfare more dislikes as can be seen in the comments on the video and it is pretty obvious that those same people are spamming Battlefield 1 with likes. The viewing numbers on the other hand for Battlefield 1 are massively out of proportion and you have to wonder if something else is afoot here.

On the live Twitch reveal of the BF1 trailer virtually every comment posted afterwards on the live chat was “rip cod”. There were 55,000 people watching (that’s a lot less than 27 million) and all of those people’s thoughts weren’t “Wow, WW1”, “Looks great” or even “this sucks”, the vast majority were posting the exact same comment about CoD?

As much as I love Battlefield, I do wonder if EA aren’t playing nice when it comes to this rivalry as it wouldn’t take much effort to have a bot net posting the hate and bumping the numbers.

You probably think I’m wearing a tin foil hat but consider this – CoD is now the 5th most disliked video in YouTube’s history, putting it above everything by Miley Cyrus, Kanye West, Taylor Swift, all but one Justin Beiber song and the new Ghostbusters trailer. Consider how mainstream those titles are in comparison to the much smaller gaming market. Speaking of Ghostbusters, the new trailer has had 31 million views in over a month and the mainstream media coverage of that dwarfs Battlefield which has nearly matched it in just 3 days.

So while fans of the franchises are still waging their rivalry let’s try and keep the numbers out of it as they seem to be meaningless.


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