Christmas 2021 – Store Updates

What’s been happening and what’s coming up.

The store is now closed and I very sincerely thank every one of our customers for our best year ever! Since relaunching the site in January I’ve worked non stop to improve the service that we offer to you and here’s how things have changed –

  1. The first major change was free UK postage over £50 followed by introducing tiers of postage so that smaller items would cost less in postage/shipping.
  2. The improved Geek points system which gives faster rewards over the old system.
  3. In April Gear4Geeks moved away from using bubble wrap after you told us that you wanted more environmentally friendly solutions.
  4. Constant work has gone on in the background to make the site load faster, especially on mobile devices. Also work has been done on making the site user friendly for those using text to speech screen readers as we have customers who are sight impaired.
  5. Introduction of Apple Pay and Google Wallet allowing quicker checkout for mobile users.

Going into 2022 there are going to be more changes –

  1. A tweak has already been made to the checkout to make it ‘distraction free’ and simplified.
  2. The homepage is going to change soon so that it’s better for mobile devices. I’m not sure yet how this will work but it’ll end the constant scrolling.
  3. Unfortunately the reuse of factory boxes may come to an end as they seem to be a target for thieves in the Royal Mail. However, in order to balance this out I’m looking at moving away from plastic tape to paper tape so that customers will be able to put their packaging straight into recycling without having to remove the tape. Likewise, our labels will be switching to printed labels rather than being printed out and taped on.
  4. In likelihood preorders will appear. It’s something I’ve resisted for 5 years but it’s the way the industry is now and 2021 has been a fast learning curve in regards to being stuck with mountains of stock due to disrupted stock and unreliable suppliers.
  5. The blog will be redesigned shortly to allow old content to be easily accessed and I’m hoping that new content will be generated on a semi regular basis.
  6. I’m currently working on a deal that I’ve been loathe to do but it’s been requested often by you, the customers so I’m trying to make it happen. Ultimately I want Gear4Geeks to be a great experience for our community of shoppers and so I do listen and try to give you what you want where possible.

Again, thank you everyone for every order placed, every single one makes a difference. Have a wonderful Christmas and a I look forward to bringing you more toys in the new year!


2 thoughts on “Christmas 2021 – Store Updates

  1. This sounds great and you get a lot of good feedback but how do I register for an account?

    1. Hi Richard, you can register an account when checking out for the first time 🙂

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