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Enzo Amore Released By WWE

Enzo Amore Released

Enzo Amore Released by WWE after rape allegations, ending the controversial Cruiserweight Champion’s rollercoaster ride with WWE.

Enzo Amore Released By WWE

Enzo Amore Released

Following on from yesterday’s rape allegations which saw Cruiserweight Champion Enzo Amore indefinitely suspended by WWE, the company have now confirmed Enzo Amore’s release. WWE released the following to-the-point statement earlier:

WWE has come to terms on the release of Eric Arndt (Enzo Amore).

It is believed that the release is down to Enzo Amore not informing WWE that he was being investigated by police since October 23rd which he is contractually obligated to. WWE apparently found out about the investigation through social media yesterday which was not well received by the company.

Meanwhile it was reported that Enzo Amore was backstage at Raw and, in a case of spectacularly bad timing, was wearing this shirt

Enzo Amore Released

Enzo Amore Released T-Shirt

With Arndt now being a free agent he is able to work for any other company immediately, but it is doubtful that Ring of Honor, Impact Wrestling or New Japan would be interested in him until the police investigation is resolved, provided of course, that he is innocent. It hasn’t been a great six weeks for WWE as Rich Swann was arrested for kidnapping and battery on December 14th for while WWE have indefinitely suspended him, then on the 16th of January Roman Reigns was named as being among the clients of jailed steroid dealer Richard Rodriguez, although there is no evidence to verify the claim.

Enzo’s Endless Problems

Enzo Amore has been a source of constant headaches for the WWE.

In June 2017 he made a comment about his real life being better than his fantasy life on a live episode of Raw which caused heat backstage, due to his habit of name dropping and bragging.

Also during June he had been vocal about disagreeing with the decision to split up his team with Big Cass. Big Cass had been tipped for a big singles push so Enzo knew he would potentially struggle as a solo performer.

In July Roman Reigns kicked Enzo Amore off the WWE tour bus and banned him from dressing in the locker room after a loud phonecall on the bus where Amore’s shouting had rubbed the other wrestlers the wrong way. This was believed to be the last straw after Enzo’s habits of bringing friends backstage, including an incident where one friend took pictures and videos of the wrestlers without permission.

Amore was named in a Tweet by a Buffalo stripper on July 29th as having a bad attitude

Again in July, on Bring it to the Table, Corey Graves admitted to disliking Enzo while JBL confirmed the locker room ban and said that “the odds are completely against” Enzo making it in WWE.

At the Conor McGregor v Floyd Mayweather fight, Enzo posted selfies from the crowd with other celebrities further aggravating his backstage reputation for bragging.

After Big Cass was injured in a match against him, Amore took to Twitter on August 22nd ranting about Cass being unable to finish the match. It wasn’t clear whether the comments were in character or not but Cass would later retaliate

On October 1st Enzo took a shot at Corey Graves for being a failure as a wrestler on Twitter in a seeming receipt from the Bring it to the Table episode.

On October 9th, Neville walked out on WWE before RAW due to Enzo Amore being positioned as top heel in the Cruiserweight division with Neville scheduled to lose against Amore that night. Neville is yet to return to the company.

In October it was confirmed that Enzo was still not allowed in the WWE locker room.

On December 18th 2017 it transpired that Arndt was in a dispute with the Delaware DMV over the signature on his driving license, with him claiming it was his genuine signature while the DMV disagreed.

Enzo Amore Released Driving License

Earlier this month Enzo continued to berate Big Cass over his injury in a WWE Network special, Straight to the Source, confirming that the two men no longer talk. While the comments could have been in character, Cass responded in a less than PG fashion –

“I think what he said on Twitter after was completely classless. He can run his mouth all he wants on Twitter. We wants to make fun of me for my injury. When he got injured at Payback last year, I was right there escorting him to the ambulance, carrying him over my shoulder when he got injured. In NXT he broke his leg and I literally carried him up the stairs of our apartment complex, onto our couch, and I carried him back to the car when he had to go to physical therapy, stuff like that. Literally carried him over my shoulder and this happens to me and he says this shit on Twitter. Fuck him, dude. He’s a pussy and he thinks he’s a tough guy. He can run his mouth all he wants, but he’s a little bitch. He showed me the type of human being he is, the type of actual person he is.”

Enzo Amore being released is certainly going to be a huge relief to a large number of his co-workers and while it’s uncertain where he’ll end up next, one thing about the Certified G is for sure – he’s Certified Gone.

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