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5 Tips to Guarantee a Successful Year

5 tips for a successful year

New year, new you, right? How to guarantee you have a successful year with 5 tips from CM Morrow!

5 Tips to Guarantee a Successful Year

You want this to be a successful year but you’re not sure how to make it happen? Read on!

5. The Six P’s

Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance. It’s an army thing but it’s really accurate because you can’t achieve a goal if you don’t know what goal you want to achieve.  Grab a notebook or a pad of paper (or use a word processor) and on one page draw a grid of the months and in each box write in important things to remember like birthdays, appointments, deadlines, holidays and so on. Then create one page for anything you want to add to your daily routine and do feel free to add any motivational quotes or you may be able to fit everything on one page. Here’s an example:

5 tips for a successful year
Practice guitar for a house? Stupid autocorrect.


Keep It Simple Stupid.  I ended the above paragraph with “don’t go overboard” for a reason – if you set unattainable goals then guess what? You won’t attain them. It’s highly unlikely that you’re going to run a marathon, learn 3 languages, climb Mount Everest, becoming the Ultimate Fighting Champion and cure a disease all in one year, so set your aim a little lower. You could have your goals for January to do 10 sit ups each day  then in February to do 20 sit ups, then March is 20 sit ups and ten push ups. Or to cut down on one bad food in January, in February cut down on another bad food, then in March cut down a third. Or your goal can be to to read a book, or to do one kind act or the like. If you want to learn an instrument then your goal for January can be to buy an instrument and find a teacher with your goals for the following months to learn a scale each month.

3. You Have a Year

People often forget that a year is 12 months long when it comes to resolutions and goals. You may have said you were going to give up smoking in the new year and by the 4th you were smoking again but you still have the rest of the year to give up – you don’t have to stop as of January 1st, although that’d be good. Likewise, if you want to lose 10 lbs you have a year to do it therefore you don’t have to do it immediately, you can do it gradually.

5 tips for a successful year
Motivational words from Chewbacca

2. Be Kind to Yourself

Most of us will chastise ourselves when we can’t do something, it’s a fairly natural reaction to call yourself stupid if you get something wrong or if you can’t do something but it’s not the right reaction. When we teach children we teach them by encouragement and when they don’t succeed we praise them for their effort and tell them they’ll do better with practice, which is also how you need to talk to yourself. You’ll achieve a lot more by encouraging yourself and telling yourself that you can do things because if you tell yourself that you can’t do something then you probably won’t even try.

1. Re-prioritise

Let’s face it, we’ve all been in that situation where we haven’t wanted to go out and then oh look it’s raining so now I can’t go. Equally we’ve all been in the situation where we really shouldn’t do something but we’ve come up with endless justifications to do it – “It’s just one“, “I’ll start saving money tomorrow“, “It’ll cheer me up“.  If we want something nothing will stop us because we will justify having it but if we don’t want something then any excuse will do. Therefore we need to re-prioritise, making our goals something that we want to achieve rather than allowing ourselves to give up at the first hurdle.

Now have yourself a successful year and go get ’em tiger!

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