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New Ghost Album, Great Discord, Martin Persner/MCC, Priest, NIN EP, Iron Monkey

Ghost New Album

Date confirmed for recording new Ghost album, The Great Discord release new single and book, NIN announce 2 EPs and Iron Monkey reveal new album details


Ghost New Album

It’s a very busy time in the Ghost camp with the band relocating from Linkoping to Stockholm, touring with Iron Maiden, the lawsuit and now it is confirmed that recording on the new Ghost album will begin on August 14th! The album will be darker in theme than Meliora, with it’s theme being about the fall of civilisation and the end of the world while introducing new frontman Papa Emeritus IV. Ghost also revealed in an interview with Krone future plans for a grand classical production:

“I can not talk about it in detail, but we are also working on integrating Ghost into a kind of classical musical concept. This of course involves a lot of effort and it’s all about the songs and riffs.

“You need a production company that’s already networked to do the work for you. This takes at least until 2019 and you have to write a story and design the music.

“This cannot be underestimated, and in the end it takes five to six years to implement it. However, I have arranged these things well in my head and we are looking for partners with whom we can implement this.

“I do not know where we’ll end up, but we’re already networking. West End or Broadway shows are not unrealistic. Hopefully at least, we’ll know more in five years. [Laughs] We are only in the starting phase, but I have a rather solid idea for the next five years. You have to go baby steps. [Laughs]”

A substantial number of documents were filed last week in relation to the Ghost lawsuit including a lengthy email exchange between the band and their management in 2012 which outlines the difficulties that resulted in the lawsuit. Our policy at Gear4Geeks is to respect the mystique of Ghost so we will not cover details here but the email transcription can be found on Reddit and we include it here as a insight to the difficulties many bands face when it comes to finances.

Former Nameless Ghoul Air has started an online shop for his merch.

You can purchase Ghost merchandise from our store.

A new Facebook group has been set up for the discussion of Ghost, its members, former members and their new bands – Ghost Uncensored

The Great Discord

The Great Discord have released new single The Red Rabbit which features an incredibly bizarre video including blood waterboarding amongst other things. The single is a return to their usual style rather than the more straightforward approach that previous single Darkest Day featured.

Also The Great Discord have announced a limited release of new album The Rabbit Hole which will include a book written by front woman Fia Kempe. The track listing for The Rabbit Hole is as follows:

Darkest Day
The Tell Tale Heart
The Red Rabbit
Neon Dreaming


Priest have released their first t-shirt exclusively through former Ghost member Air’s webshop and have posted the official video for single The Cross.


Martin Persner/Magna Carta Cartel

Martin Persner of Magna Carta Cartel, TiD and ex-Ghost recently gave a lengthy interview with Radio Metal which gave a huge insight into his projects Magna Carta Cartel and TiD while also discussing the projects of former Ghost members. It’s a fascinating read which reveals that while he sings lead vocals he doesn’t like the idea of singing live so don’t expect a MCC tour anytime soon! There’s way too much in the article to repost here but this Google Translate link should do the job for non French speakers.

Nine Inch Nails

After releasing Not the Actual Events in December and sending out art cards to buyers with a black powder that deliberately created a mess, Nine Inch Nails front man Trent Reznor further surprised fans by sending out an email revealing that Not the Actual Events is the first part of a trilogy of EPs that will see release about 6-8 months apart. The new EP is set to be released before their tour begins on the 23rd of July.

Iron Monkey

Legendary UK Sludge Core act Iron Monkey have reformed with new album 9-13 on the way. Iron Monkey were only active between 1996 and 1999 but had a huge impact on the UK metal scene before they split following huge issues with their label Earache. Former members went on to form Murder One, Sigiriya, The Capricorns, Dukes of Nothing, Armour of God and Black Eye Riot amongst other bands with front man Johnny Morrow suddenly passing away in 2002. The current line up is a three piece and consists of original members Steve Watson and Jim Rushby who are joined by new member Briggs with the blessing of the former members who aren’t returning. 9-13 is currently being mixed but will feature 9 tracks:

Crown of Electrodes
The Rope
Doomsday Impulse Multiplier
Moreland St Hammervortex

The album will be released through Relapse Records.

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