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KBB Oversized Masterpiece Bumblebee MP-21 Review

KBB Oversized Masterpiece Bumblebee MP-21 Review

KBB Oversized Masterpiece Bumblebee is the subject of today’s review and he’s a big ol’ beasty. I like big Bots and I cannot lie.

KBB Oversized Masterpiece Bumblebee MP-21 Review

It’s a bright sunny day and so naturally, I’m inside listening to Emperor while playing with a giant toy. I’m not a fan of bootlegs unless they are easily distinguished from the original but I do love oversized figures, so KBB’s oversized Bumblebee was a must have.

KBB Oversized Masterpiece Bumblebee MP-21 Review KBB Oversized Masterpiece Bumblebee MP-21 Review

The box is huge, which struck me as odd as it didn’t need to be. The figure fits in the top third of the box which means we have quite a lot of wasted space here.

KBB Oversized Masterpiece Bumblebee MP-21 Review

The figure comes with a lot of accessories but the plastic tray really didn’t need to be that size, so we have a waste of plastic and higher shipping costs for a larger box. Either way it’s a minor gripe considering that the figure isn’t that expensive.

KBB Oversized Masterpiece Bumblebee MP-21 Review

The immediately obvious thing, other than it’s size, is that the colour is more of an orange than yellow. It’s an odd choice to go with a darker colour but they must have had their reasons. I’ve heard bad stories about the quality of KBB’s products but Bee has a nice weight to him and the quality feels good.
As the figure doesn’t come with Autobot logos then the rotating roof panel gimmick is gone which gives a better look in my opinion. The car headlights have been recoloured blue and the wing mirrors are detachable like they are on the Masterpiece.

The KBB oversized Masterpiece Bumblebee is packaged with the Microchange battle mask face attached and I got a weird sense of nostalgia from it. Like most collectors I display my Masterpiece Bumblebee with the humanoid face (the Dr Wu upgrade to be precise) so I’d forgotten how the simple face change can bring those memories flooding back. One of the things that has been an issue with this release is that on most figures the wheels won’t properly fold into the feet, requiring collectors to file down parts. I’m one of the lucky few it seems who didn’t have that problem.

Like the official release this comes with two different faces, a closed mouth version and a slightly opened mouth one. The first of the extra accessories is a hand held radio which is a very nice touch.

Now we enter odd territory as the KBB oversized Masterpiece Bumblebee comes with an energy rod like the ones he and Wheeljack were stealing in the first Transformers episode.

The jetpack nicely clips onto the figure which was a welcome surprise as I’d expected it not to. Some stray blue paint on the face and the wheel issue had madden me think that I’d be running into a problem without the tabs not lining up but everything worked well. Phew.

Likewise the radar device clips nicely in place and can have multiple configurations thanks to 3 sets of different panel sets included. There’s also a black panel included to use as the license plate.

Overall the figure is far better quality than I expected, the joints are all sturdy although you will need a bit of force to get the weapons into the hands. As you can see above, the KBB oversized Masterpiece Bumblebee towers over the Masterpiece cars and this picture made me realise how the line has morphed from being truly Masterpieces to a line that looks cartoon accurately and much cheaper because of it.

KBB Oversized Masterpiece Bumblebee MP-21 Review

Overall it’s a must have if you like oversized figures or if you want your Autobots to scale with the original MP 1 Convoy/Optimus Prime. Or maybe you just really want a massive Bumblebee, but at around £30ish pounds it’s well worth buying but do be prepared for some sanding.

A big thank you to Justin Hollers for corrections about the accessories!

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  1. The staff is one of the fuel rods Bee and Wheeljack were steeling in the very first G1 episode. That black piece is the licence plate. it plugs into the hole if you don’t use the spare tire. Also there is a place to store it on the back of the spare.

    1. Awesome thank you!

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