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[Life Hacks] How to be Productive: 5 Quick Tips

How to be productive

Do you struggle to get things done? Then you need to read our guide on how to be productive.

How to be productive
“Thou shalt stay in bed? Okey dokey.”

Many people find motivation and being productive a very difficult thing for varying reasons, some struggle with health issues like depression, some are just naturally not motivated but whatever the cause here are some helpful tips on how to be productive.

Keep It Simple, Stupid

Time for a KISS! My to do list is always about 20 items long but each day my to do list is only 2 items. Why only 2? Because failure is counter-productive and if I don’t do everything I set out to I’ll feel like I haven’t done enough. If your 2 items are to wash the dishes and to make a phone call then once those 2 easy tasks are done you’ll feel better and everything else you do will be a bonus; it’s a snowball effect – the more you achieve, the more you will achieve.

Start Early

Whether it’s the first thing you do when you get out of bed or tasks you need to do in work, get them done straight away. If you get the major things out of the way it gives you the rest of the day to achieve more.

The 2 Minute Rule

Nothing to do with food, the 2 minute rule is that any task that will take less than 2 minutes can’t be put off. There’s no doing it tomorrow, or later as it’s literally going to take you longer to think about how you don’t want to do it than actually doing it.

Don’t Walk Past

It’s awfully tempting to leave something where it is and then do a big tidy up or the like, but if you’re going to the kitchen take anything that should be in the kitchen with you. By doing a bit at a time then there’s no need for a big effort.

Do it Once

This is something that gets drilled into employees at a certain retail chain which rhymes with Map. If you have to put something in the bin then put it in the bin – if you throw it at the bin and miss you’ll only have to get up, pick it up and put it in the bin anyway so do it right the first time. Likewise any other tasks, do them properly the first time and you don’t need to come back to them.

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