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Work Life Hacks: 5 Tips to Make Your Job Easier

Zapp Brannigan

5 simple and easy to use work life hacks.  

J Jonah Jameson
Some bosses are unpleasant…

1. Not getting shot

We’ve all been in that horrible position of having to give the boss bad news and we all know that the messenger is the one who gets shot.  How do you avoid the wrath of the boss?

With solutions.

It’s always best to relay the problem and follow it up with potential ways to solve it or, if you’re confident enough, what you have done to solve it. Telling someone that a pipe has broken and water is pouring into a stockroom isn’t going to go down well especially if the water is still flooding in, but you’ll get a better reaction and look like promotion material if you tell them that a pipe broke and started flooding the stockroom but you’ve switched the water off at the mains and got some people to start mopping up then following up with an offer to call a plumber.

If that isn’t possible then even “a pipe has broken and started flooding the stockroom, where can I switch off the water at the mains?” shows that you are trying to handle the situation rather than expecting the boss to think of everything.

Zapp Brannigan
…while others are incompetent

2. Not looking like an idiot if you don’t know the answer

Sometimes you’ll get asked a question and you simply won’t know the answer.  Replying with,  “I don’t know” is going to make you feel a little stupid and might annoy you boss so instead try,  “I’ll get that information right away”. Again, this is a way of looking like you’re proactive rather than standing there not knowing what to do.

3. Not nagging

Nobody likes being told, “don’t forget to…” because either the reminder is unnecessary and feels patronising or they had forgotten but don’t want to admit it.  “Thanks again for saying you would…” is a way of reminding a colleague in a non critical way and making them feel appreciated at the same time. Some work life hacks like this one also work outside the workplace.

Optimus Prime
But some bosses are very cool

4. Not getting swamped.

One thing bosses love to do is pile on work so be sure to communicate to them what you’re working on especially if they ask you to do something urgently.  Tell them what you have lined up and ask them if you should stop your current task to prioritise the new one.  This is a good way for them to know exactly what you’re doing and allows them to set the order to do the tasks in.  That way if you don’t get something done by the end of the day then at least it was something your boss has confirmed was low priority.

5. It’s just a job

A job is a means to an end – you work so that you can enjoy your time away from work.  If your goal in life is money then you’ll end up working long hours in jobs you hate to make better money.  Make your goal happiness instead to get a better life/work balance as it is far too easy to overwork and become ill.

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