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Gear4Geeks at Games Workshop HQ!

So what’s a girl to do on an average Friday night in November? Games Workshop’s WARHAMMER WORLD of course!

Gear4Geeks at Games Workshop HQ

Recently I had the pleasure of stomping through Warhammer World in Nottingham, aka Games Workshop HQ. A friend of mine happened to work there, and finally gave into my relentless requests to take a look around. Valiant in my badgering I managed to gain access and was let loose on their figures, terrified super-fans and medieval bar.

I’ll state now I wasn’t able to take direct pictures of their offices, but I was able to take some sweet snaps of their Museum of Hyperventilating (not it’s official name but I hope it sticks), their official watering hole (Bugman’s Bar) and their mighty BATTLE ARENA (games hall).

The day started with me gawking at their super-realistic-giant-tank – quickly being informed it was actually a super-real-giant-tank and there is one person on site licensed to drive it. Not only that, there’s been special occasions it’s been wheeled out, accompanied by the deafening sounds of staff-shrieks and mass-hysteria.

Gear4Geeks at Games Workshop HQ

An hour later we made it out of the car park and inside. I looked around a gift shop at all the things I couldn’t afford and was swiftly shuffled into the museum – goodbye sunlight, you wont be missed.

Once safely inside I started my visual journey around the museum – there were figures EVERYWHERE. It was a nerd sensory overload – every corner, surface and ceiling was covered in figures – heaven really was a place and I was there.

Gear4Geeks at Games Workshop HQ

Gear4Geeks at Games Workshop HQ

My favourite exhibition had to be the final one – it had a castle and dragons. There was also an in-house challenge in which you had to find an assassin amongst the 8000 or so figures on the largest exhibit. If you did manage to find it you were awarded a lifetime supply of Warhammer figures and crowned their king. Yes I’m joking, you instead got to keep the figure and were mentioned on their website – still pretty rad!

Gear4Geeks at Games Workshop HQ


The day ended with me terrifying Warhammer super-fans in their castle-themed games room, consuming copious amounts of home-brewed beverages and a nap. Good day.

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