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Journey Developers thatgamecompany are Back and Teasing a Brand New Game!

Christmas has come early as the Journey developers thatgamecompany are back and teasing their biggest game yet!

thatgamecompany gear 4 geeksThe developer of Journey, Flower and Flow – Santa Monica, California-based thatgamecompany have just revealed an upcoming game in the form of 3 new teaser images! Each teaser comes in the form of a different concept image, accompanied by the the hashtag #thatnextgame. The developer also indicates (through one teaser in particular) their next game is to be about giving.

The first image is of a candle lighting another, drawing attention to thatgamecompany’s giving concept. I really could go on, but it’s simply an image of a candle.

The second image is of children dancing, indicating either a form of gameplay, mood or characters themselves? I can’t help but draw comparisons to Studio Ghibli here, in both the way the children are drawn and in particular the scenery from the third image – reminding me of the meadow scene in Howl’s Moving Castle.

The third image is of a stone gate with a stream of light pointing upwards towards the clouds. This is not the first time thatgamecompany has used light in their games, previously using it to indicate a way point or final goal and I’m sure it won’t be the last we see of it


Howl’s Moving Castle

thatgamecompany are not developers to shy away from a new game premise and I for one welcome any new visionary journeys this company has to offer (especially in the form of a t-shirt). So bring on 2017 I for one can not wait!

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