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Money in the Bank Results and Other News – Lawler Arrest, Scott Hall Wins Belt and More

Money in the Bank

Full results and all the relevant news from the last week.

Money in the Bank Results

The Preshow kicks off with
Golden Truth v Tyler Breeze and Fandango
Goldust hits a neckbreaker for the pin on Fandango.

The Dudley Boyz v Lucha Dragons
The Dragons get the win after Cara nails Bubba Ray Dudley with a Swanton.

Money in the Bank

The New Day (Tag Team Champions) v Enzo Amore and Big Cass v The Vaudevillans v The Club (Fatal 4 Way Tag Team Championship Match)
New Day retain after pinning Karl Anderson of The Club.

Dolph Ziggler v Baron Corbin
Corbin wins with the End of Days.

Charlotte and Dana Brooke v Becky Lynch and Natalya
Charlotte and Brooke win after Lynch and Natalya accidentally collide, letting Charlotte hit Natural Selection on Natalya. After the match Natalya attacks Lynch and leaves her lying.

Sheamus v Apollo Crews
Sheamus hits white noise for a two count then argues with the ref allowing Crews to get a roll up for the win.

John Cena v AJ Styles
End is the usual trading of finishers until the ref gets bumped. Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows hit the ring and take out Cena with Magic Killer. They put AJ on top of Cena and the recovering ref counts three.

Chris Jericho vs. Cesaro v Sami Zayn v Alberto Del Rio v Kevin Owens v Dean Ambrose (Money In the Bank Ladder Match)
Usual stunt-fest, no surprises here as Ambrose gets the briefcase.

Rusev v Titus O’Neil
As it is Father’s Day O’Neil has his kids in attendance. Rusev dominates most of the match and wins with the Accolade then after the match taunts Titus’ kids.

Roman Reigns (World Heavyweight Champion) v Seth Rollins  (World Heavyweight Championship match)
Rollins gets the win and is the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion but before he can celebrate, Ambrose’s music hits and he cashes in the briefcase. Ambrose with Dirty Deeds for the win, Dean Ambrose is the new champ!


Other News

The Pabst Blue Ribbon inspired John Cena shirt returned with Cena Tweeting at Pabst “You can’t C(ease and Desist) Me” then thanked them for granting permission for the shirt. Pabst replied with “Cena always kicks out at 2…”

Jerry Lawler and his fiancée Lauryn McBride were arrested on Friday on domestic violence charges. McBride alleges that Lawler hit her in the head, shoved her face on the stove and gave her a gun, telling her to kill herself. Lawler denies all the allegations and claims that McBride had drunk too much, citing another incident where she had gotten into a fist fight with her own Aunt the week before. It should be noted that Lawler doesn’t drink alcohol. WWE has suspended Lawler indefinitely while the investigation continues.

Jay Lethal has just celebrated his 1 year anniversary as ROH World Champion.

Scott Hall is the new DDT Pro Ironman Champion. DDT Pro is a Japanese company who have a lot of comedy spots and gimmicks with their Ironman Title being defended under 24/7 rules like the WWF Hardcore Title was. Joey Ryan won the title recently and has taken it on a “US tour” but lost it to Rey Mysterio after issuing a challenge to Rey while Rey was using the bathroom. Rey sneaked out and scored the pin with a rollup then ran back into the bathroom, locking Ryan out. Ryan regained the title after quietly pinning a sleeping Rey. Ryan defended the title in a three way match on Saturday against Colt Cabana and Chuck Taylor but was laid out and pinned by Taylor. Before Taylor could celebrate, Hall made his way to the ring to challenge the new champion. As Hall took off his jacket, Ryan hit Taylor with a superkick. After arguing over who should get the pin, Hall beat Ryan in Rock, Paper, Scissors and pins Taylor for the win and the title.

Amazing Red has recently undergone ankle surgery which was done incorrectly and got infected, meaning he required two further operations to correct it. Red posted graphic pictures on his Facebook with a message saying that he is staying positive although he’ll be missing the opportunity to work for WWE.

On the 16th John Cena appeared at WWE’s press conference in China and spoke in Mandarin for 2 minutes. The video is below.

Gilberto Melendez, better known as Gypsy Joe passed away on Wednesday aged 81. He’s remembered by most current wrestling fans for his 2003 match against New Jack which turned into a shoot. Jack is on record as saying that he tried to work with Joe but got headbutted in the nose and chopped in the throat so started going stiff but Joe no sold his offence leading to Jack legitimately beating Joe with a chain and a metal baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire. After hitting Joe twice in the head with the bat the audience became unruly and there was almost an altercation between Jack and some fans. The video can be found in full on YouTube.

TNA had to scrabble to raise money last minute to put on Slammiversary and was unsure if the event would happen until a few hours before. Former TNA stars Bobby Roode and Eric Young are bother apparently owed large sums of money. Despite this TNA has re-signed Abyss, Al Snow, DJ Z and Rosemary. Billy Corgan has bought a minority stake in the company.

Randy Orton is set to return to WWE in August which is great news for them with the brand split coming. WWE has apparently been trying to add depth to the roster and has been allegedly looking to sign MVP, Stevie Richards, Carlito and others.

TNA wrestler Chris Melendez, the former army Sergeant who lost his leg during the war in Iraq has left the company.

Rockstar Spud was treated by doctors after the Impact tapings last week due to getting kicked in the teeth.

Tammy Sytch AKA Sunny has now been sober for 90 days after WWE paid for her to go to rehab. In 2013 WWE said they would no longer fund rehab for Sytch who is an alcoholic but they seem to have gone back on that decision.

Adam Rose has had his police charges dropped as he and his wife are having counselling. Rose announced that he would be selling a t-shirt with his own police mug shot on it. The shirt wasn’t well received by Twitter followers and the next day it was withdrawn from sale while Rose claimed that the shirt was his wife’s idea and that it was a positive for him as it signified the worst period in his life but how he was overcoming it.

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