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Holy Poets Batman, It’s a Replica Batman Shakespeare Bust!

Diamond Collectables’ 1:1 replica of iconic Batman series prop goes up for preorder

shakespeare_bank_1In the iconic Adam West Batman series, the bust of William Shakespeare hid the switch that opened the bookcase revealing the poles to the Bat Cave and now you can have your very own! The bust doubles as a money back and is made of plastic so won’t cost you a fortune like an exact prop replica would – Forbidden Planet have them available to preorder at £74.99.

Quick, to the Bat-poles! Okay, so you haven’t installed those Bat-poles yet, but if you keep your spare change in this 50 cm tall vinyl bank, you’ll save up for them in no time! Based on the bust of Shakespeare that unlocked the moving bookcase in the Batman Classic TV Series, this life-size vinyl bank features a working neck hinge, so you can tilt the head back to reveal a dial & button, as well as a real, working coin slot! With a coin access door hidden in the decorative window box, no one will suspect that this realistically painted Bust is secretly a bank, or that you’re secretly Batman. Packaged in a decorative window box. Sculpted by Paul Harding!

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